Personal Development Life Coaching

Personal Development Life Coaching

Your Personal Development Life Coaching Session will be with Lizzie O’Halloran. Lizzie is the Founder of Happy Life and is also the author of two self help books (Best Parenting Book for new Mums – Perfect Mum: How to Survive the Emotional Rollercoaster of Motherhood and Refresh Your Life – inbuild motivation boosting weightloss program).In addition to being an expert is self esteem, she is a health professional who knows how to create a mindset for healthy, happy and balanced living. Lizzie will work with you to focus on your specific needs and will help you understand your unique strengths, develop self-confidence  and grow your confidence so that you feel engaged and fulfilled.

Benefits of Personal Development Life Coaching

Learn how to improve your self esteem

Personal Development Coaching - self esteem booster

Learn how to improve your self esteem

With tools such as Motivational Interviewing, we can assess your current confidence levels and motivation to ensure you take the necessary steps forward to achieve your goals and live a happy and balanced life. Drive and passion for success must be coupled with motivation and the confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals. Motivation is very personal so we specialise in finding what motivates you directly and then teach you how to tap into this source of motivation so it works best for you.

Stop feeling so lonely


Personal Development Life Coaching to reduce loneliness

Stop feeling so lovely

When you’re single you can feel very frustrated and depressed about the fact that you haven’t yet met your perfect mate. In order to succeed in intimate relationships it’s important to understand your dating behaviour and approach. Through our personal development Life Coaching you will discover how you can actively attract your ideal partner, begin to really like who you are and reduce insecurity which may be impacting on your partnerships.

Change your career path or become more successful in your current job

Persona Development life coaching for career development

Change your career path

Research tells us that approximately 70% of people are unhappy in their current jobs. This is a very telling statistic considering that work places more and more demands on your time and energy. We use the MYER-BRIGGS to help you find your best suited career and then support you to make the moves necessary to get the job you really want. In career Life coaching we work on various aspects of your career including looking at what motivates and drives you and how this impacts on your career choices. You will also learn how to be assertive in your current role and increase your confidence in your performance as well as create a workable work-life balance.

Self-sabotage and procrastination

Personal Development Coaching to reduce self sabotage

Stop self sabotage

When you’re a perfectionist, or you have dreams that just feels too impossible to achieve, procrastination and self-sabotage can often creep in. In order to stop this from happening, we utilise techniques such as Neurolinguistic Programming to uncover and remove unconscious blocks and negative held beliefs so that you can freely move forward and achieve the success you’re after.

Your Coaching package

You begin with a single session to make sure we’re the right fit to be working together. A standard coaching package includes either 3 or 6 one hour sessions with Lizzie O’Halloran. Most of our clients are very busy, so prefer to conduct sessions over the phone. However, Lizzie also conducts in-person sessions in her Malvern office if would prefer to work face to face.

We also provide complementary support in between sessions when you need support most.

It’s not always easy to remember everything you wanted to address during your scheduled session. Things often come up in between sessions that you need help with right now and don’t want to have to wait until your next session to address. We truly care about our clients. We offer quick text based support when you need assistance and feel you cannot wait to address the issue until at hand. It’s Free and it’s quick.

Coaching fees

  • 1x 60 min session – $120
  • 3x 60 min session package – $300 (valid for three months)
  • 6 x 60 min session package – $600 (valid for  six months)

Please note a 48 hour cancellation policy applies.