Personal Development Counselling

Personal Development Counselling

Your Counselling session will be with Dr Paul O’Halloran who is an expert in MYERS-BRIGGS, Motivation and Self esteem. Paul will work with you to focus on your specific needs and will help you cope, feel empowered and implement strategies to change your life for the best.

Benefits of Personal Development Counselling

Grief and Loss

Grief counselling - lifesuccesscoachs

Counselling for grief and loss

Grief and loss can be experienced when someone you know or care about passes away or leaves you. Most people pass through the first few stages of grief quite quickly but it’s then common for those who do not seek support to be left ‘stuck’ in the final stages of grief. It’s necessary to have support to help you get through grief and in particular to speak to a professional when the grief is impacting on your life.

Relationship difficulties


Personal Development Counselling for relationship counselling

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The breakup of a relationship can be very painful. One of the common consequences of grief in relationships is low self esteem, so seeking counselling support will not only help move you passed grief, but will help you to regain control over your emotions and life in general.
When you’re single you can feel very frustrated and depressed about the fact that you haven’t yet met your perfect mate. In order to succeed in intimate relationships it’s important to understand your dating behaviour and approach. Through our personal development counselling you will discover how you can actively attract your ideal partner, begin to really like who you are and reduce insecurity which may be impacting on your partnerships.

Cope with stress in your current job

Personal Development counselling for stress at work

How to cope with stress at work

Research tells us that approximately 70% of people are unhappy in their current jobs. This is a very telling statistic considering that work places more and more demands on your time and energy. We use the MYER-BRIGGS to help you find your best suited career and then support you to make the moves necessary to get the job you really want. In career Life coaching we work on various aspects of your career including looking at what motivates and drives you and how this impacts on your career choices. You will also learn how to be assertive in your current role and increase your confidence in your performance as well as create a workable work-life balance.

Weight loss and dieting

The best way to lose weight is with a program that increases your motivation. Our personal development counselling gives you the support you need to effectively lose weight and keep the weight off – long term.

Your Counselling Package

You begin with a single session to make sure we’re the right fit to be working together. A standard counselling package includes either 6 x one hour counselling sessions our Malvern office (1227 Malvern Rd, Malvern Victoria 3144).

Counselling fees

  • 1x 60 min session – $120
  • 6 x 60 min session package – $600 (valid for 12 months)

For information on the Medicare Rebate – claimable with these fee visit Medicare mental health rebate

Please note a 48 hour cancellation policy applies.