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Feeling disorganised?

 Do you feel disorganised and disengaged at work?
 Do you lack motivation to get organised?
 Do you want to perform better at work?
 Are you tired of living out of balance?

Feeling unhealthy?

 Do you feel tired and sluggish?
 Do you want to kick start your healthy life?
 Do you miss fitting into your old slimmer clothes?
 Do you feel stressed?

Feeling unhappy?

 Do you feel insecure?
 Do you worry about pleasing others?
 Are you longing for a positive relationship?
 Do you criticise yourself too much?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, it’s time to get help and book in to see us today

Happy Life – Personal Development Life Coaching in Armadale, Melbourne

Who works with a life coach?

People of all ages and walks of life find coaching beneficial. Professionals, business owners, parents, youth, men, women, entrepreneurs and people who desire change are some of the people who work with a coach. I typically work with busy men and women who are tired, stressed and overwhelmed with all they must get done in their personal or professional life. Life Coaching enables these women to gain balance, fulfilment, happiness and the success they deserve. Regardless of their profession or personal circumstances all my clients are successful, resourceful and intelligent individuals that are aiming to get more out of life. I coach globally and accept English-speaking clients from any country.

What is the difference between life coaching and counselling?

Life coaching is not therapy, counselling or psychology, which deal with past events and how they relate to your thoughts and feelings in the present. Coaching focuses on the present and future and is oriented towards the client setting goals so as to move forward. Coaching is not consulting or mentoring in that the coach is not an expert or specialist in the clients life and therefore does not give the client recommendations or solutions for problems but rather works with the client in drawing on their own knowledge and wisdom to find the solutions that work for them. The coach does not have the answers but has the questions that allow the client to find their own answers.

What benefits might I experience working with a life coach?

Anything is possible in a coaching relationship and some people experience:
 A more fulfilled, happier life.
 More time and productivity.
 More balance and less stress.
 Reaching goals faster.



“Lizzie offers calm and logical methods which truly helped me move forward in my struggles adjusting from a high end corporate job to 24/7 motherhood, with the practical tools to maintain a stronger, more positive self belief as a wonderful parent”. Carly, Melbourne New Professional Mum